SEC form NT 10-Q: See Some late filing notices for Nov 2016

These are some of the NT 10-Q filings we found around the filing deadlines this month.

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What is an NT filing and why does it matter? It is an SEC form required for companies that will not be able to submit their 10-Q filing (for quarterly financial results) by the SEC deadline or in a timely manner. SEC Form NT 10-Q requires the registrant's information and the reason why the 10-Q is delayed. (Source: Investopedia).

There are many reasons why a company would file an NT. Some can be very bad. On the other hand, it could be nothing, or even due to a merger which could be positive. Some people believe an NT filing in the quarterly period is more of a negative sign because those are easier to file on time. As for us, we're just sticking to the data. You can actually read the reasons as part of the filings. You will also see our financial meta tags on these filings which represent the underlying meaning of the document. 

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